Things I miss from the USA

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We recently returned home (hurrah!) after living in Florida for around two years. When we left Australia, obviously we didn’t think we were about to be hit with a global pandemic and had many plans to travel the States during our time there. Of course there is no place like home, but there are still a few things I really miss about living in America.

#1 Amazon Prime 2hr delivery

With a small child and no access to a car this was a godsend when I needed to grab a few things for dinner. You can shop Wholefoods and Amazon Grocery online and have it delivered right to your door within a few hours. It was AWESOME.

#2 Trader Joe’s

Oh maaan, how I miss this place. It really is amazing. The produce was so fresh, affordable and tasty. And can we talk about their famous Cauliflower Gnocchi? I’d live for their seasonal items, but you’d have to be quick to snap them up because they fly off the shelves. Our bank account was lucky there wasn’t one close to us, or that they don’t do delivery or online ordering because we would be broke. Now I just have to get my TJ’s fix via @traderjoesobsessed and @traderjoeslist on instagram.

#3 Chick-fil-a

I don’t know what they put in their chicken but it really is addictive. Chick-fil-a is a real institution. There is always a queue, but due to their excellent customer service, it moves quickly. What’s even more remarkable is that despite having a small selection of items and every store closed on Sunday across the country, it DOMINATES it’s competitors including McDonalds 10 fold.

It’s. that. good.

#4 Rao’s Marinara Pasta Sauce

This may be weird, but honestly, you will never EVER taste a more delicious bottle pasta sauce. It’s not cheap at around $8USD a jar (which was about $13AU) but OMG it is incredible. We are so going to have to organise to ship some back to us in Australia.

#5 Target Runs

Ohhhh Target. I know we have Target in Australia but the US stores are something else. Their seasonal decor items ie. Easter, Valentines, Christmas were amazing and I bought so much for Coco from their kids like Cat & Jack. PLUS, I think every Target store has a Starbucks so if you’re after a coffee or sweet drink (we only did this once out of desperation) you can grab one and get shopping. Plus most stores have grocery items which made life much easier. I could honestly spend hours there every day if my husband would let me.

#6 The Gators

Obviously this is Florida, or the south specific, but it’s true when they say that every body of water in these areas will have Alligators. Seeing them on our morning walk was as common as seeing a duck. It was very surreal at first and then you just got used to walking past a Gator, bathing in the sun only a meter away.


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