Joys of the Week – #5

This is the ACTUAL colour of the sky… no filter!

Sharing a few things that have bought me joy this week. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Wearing lipsticks

For someone who has worn lipstick almost every day for the last 10+ years, NOT wearing it recently due to the mandatory masks in the USA has been SUCH a struggle. Luckily, now that we’re back in Australia I am free to pull out all of my favourite lipsticks and shades including this Gucci one. A splurge, but it’s SO pretty!

#2 Comfort baking

We’ve been baking up a storm recently. I have been looking forward to being able to bake with Coco in the kitchen. If you’re new to baking or want to impress some friends or work colleges then this Health Loaf is seriously the EASIEST thing you can make, and it’s delicious.

#3 Skinny Slip! scrunchies

I never knew I would be so grateful for the scrunchie trend to come back but I really am. I have a skinny Slip! scrunchie on my wrist or hair at all times, and now, it turns out, they are excellent at keeping Coco’s hair under control and in place

#4 Small businesses

I’ve had to do a bit of present shopping recently so I have loved discovering new small businesses on Instagram. I am trying to list as many as possible on my Shop Small page so check them out!

#5 Bluey

If you have a small child and haven’t heard of Bluey… where have you been?! Coco LOVES it, and so do I. We took a last-minute trip to Brisbane to see the Bluey live show and it was worth every bit of the 3hr round trip. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!


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