Hebe Supplements Review

A few weeks ago Hebe supplements reached out to me to see if I could be interesting in trying their first and new formula Hyaluronic Marine Collagen powder. It’s a highly moisturising, powder based ingestible skincare supplement co-developed by international healthcare regulators with research backed ingredients in potent doses. ⁠

Hyaluronic acid joins marine collagen and antioxidant rich grapefruit seed to replenish the skin from deep within. ⁠That’s a BIG yes from me!

Here’s why I love it : it’s Australian Made, ingestible skincare and Hyaluronic Acid (yes please!), collagen (double tick) and it tastes delicious.

Skin loving benefits of Hebe supplements are:

– An increase skin hydration and moisture⁠

– Improved skin elasticity⁠

– Reduced fine lines and wrinkles ⁠

I have been having it everyday for about 3 weeks now and will continue to use it everyday. I know these things take time to notice a difference so I am definitely sticking with it. I have it with cold water in the morning, but have also added it to my herbal tea at night which is just as good. You could also add it to your smoothies, juices or acai bowls.

You can join the mailing list at www.hebesupplements.com to find out when the pre-orders will be available, and I highly recommend doing so. In the meantime, following them on instagram at HEBE Supplements


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