DIY Potpourri

I simply couldn’t throw away all of the beautiful flowers created by The Flower Edit for Coco’s birthday so I decided to put them to good use and make a DIY Potpourri. It was actually MUCH easier than I thought it would be.

I just took off all the nice petals from the roses, and also any buds. You can add any flowers but the ones that have a natural fragrance are best. You can also add herbs and spices too ie. cinnamon. I added some Lavender.

Put everything on lined oven trays.

Pick your favourite essential oil, I used a ‘Happiness’ blend by Natio. Use 10-14 drops into 1 tbsp water and put into a spray bottle. I think glass bottle is best but I only had a plastic spray bottle.

Then bake in a pre heated oven (90C) for around 2 hrs. You want them to be dried and not too crispy/fragile. Just keep checking them.

Give them another spritz once out of the oven. Done!

I added them to a crystal container I have in my powder room but you could also put them in a glass jar and mix them with some bath salts to make the perfect gift!


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