New Baby Essentials

With baby #2 only a few months away (eek!) I have started to go through all of Coco’s old baby things and it reminded me of the absolute best purchases we made when she was a baby. It also reminded me of how much you DON’T need. There are also a few items that I really wished I had with Coco (I’m looking at you SNOO!)

A SNOO. I dreamed about this when Coco was born as she was a terrible, terrible sleeper, but they are an investment. I didn’t end up getting one but I know many friends who did and loved them. You can find places in major cities to hire them now which is a great alternative. If I had the budget I would DEFINITELY get one for #2.

A small and fashionable Bonnie x Kind ‘baby’ bag. The most unbaby bag there is. With Coco I never had a big baby bag, I only ever took 1-2 nappies, dummy, snacks, wipes with me in a very small $20 shoulder bag. So now for #2 I will be doing the same thing but with my new Bonnie x Kind bag because – LOOK AT IT! That tartan lining get’s me every time. It even has a change mat included with the bag!

Breastfeeding pillow. A girlfriend gave me one as a baby present for Coco and honestly, it was one of the best gifts I could have been given. It saves you neck, back and makes the somewhat lengthy and often monotonous task far more comfortable. It’s also great as it doubles as a tummy time, play pillow for babies.

An underrated, but essential item is a baby ear thermometer. Little ones get sick, it’s inevitable. And if you’re a first time mum this can be very daunting so a good quality thermometer which you place in their ear gives you the peace of mind to know if they have a high temp.

Oh how I love love love my Dock-a-Tot. Coco slept in this for the first three months before she moved to a portacot. It was great as I could have it next to me on the couch or take it with us if we were going away. I am definitely using this again for #2. This was given to us by a family member and honestly it was the best thing ever, for us anyway as Coco didn’t have a cot or a bassinet.

I think this Tiny Hearts First Aid kit is probably one of the best things you can buy for you, your family and your little one.

Ohhh we called this guy Mr. Owl. And Mr. Owl was probably the most prized possession after the Dock-A-Tot. A portable white noise machine with various sounds and volumes. It travelled the world with us and I have gifted one to every friend who is having a baby!

It sounds random but one of the handiest items a friend told me to buy was a 10 pack of white cloth nappies. Not to use as nappies (although, all the power to you if you want to go this way) but just to have on hand for the accidents and messes that just seem to always happen with a newborn!

Ask any mother who is pumping and they will tell you that it is the most boring, uncomfortable, mind-numbing, time consuming, lonely activity. I WISH they had these portable Breast Pumps when Coco was born but I think I will definitely be investing in these hands free ones when #2 arrives. The freedom they will give!

Like the SNOO, I dreamed and dreamed of an Artipoppe baby carrier with Coco. At the time they were shipped from Europe and close to $1000 so I knew I was never going to be allowed to buy one even though they were the COOLEST. Now, they are still an investment but much cheaper than before and the new versions can be work front and back facing. My friends who have them absolutely LOVE them, even more so than other popular brands which they used in the past. Now to convince the husband…


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