Pregnancy skincare that I swear by for sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive skin so I have to be so careful with what I put on my body, especially in pregnancy when everything goes haywire. I also avoid things with beeswax, coconut oil, heavy fragrances, lanolin… you name it! So these are my top products for pregnancy skin, especially for those who have super, super sensitive skin like mine.

Dermaveen Shower & Bath Oil – A friend told me about this for Coco and I now swear by it and used it from day 1 with this pregnancy. If you’re lucky enough to have a bath then I would add a few pumps in. I use it as a last addition in the shower and all over the belly

Stratamark – Again, a number 1 recommendation from a friend who also happens to be a dermatologist. It’s not cheap but a little goes along way. I think I really only used maybe 2 tubes in total.

Kin Fertility Nourishing Cream – This was my first time using it and I bought it as a pack with some other Kin Fertility items. I am usually hesitant about new things on my skin but was pleasantly surprised. I used this ALL over my body and had ZERO reactions. And it also smelt amazing.

Bio-Oil Gel – I know Bio Oil is a go-to for many but sometimes the oil is too heavy for my skin so I prefer to gel version which tends to absorb more.

QV Eczema Daily Wash – This is basically by daily wash. I had a HUGE flareup at the beginning of pregnancy (thank you hormones) so this was a saviour

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream – Again, this was a new cream that I hadn’t used before and was so surprised I didn’t have a reaction. I did apply this later in the pregnancy and would used it more at the beginning of the day and if I felt the skin getting itchy and then use the Stratamark at night.


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