Gift Ideas for new Mums and Parents

Know a new Mum or Dad? Here are a few gift ideas that I know I would and have greatly appreciated for both babies. Of course the best one of all doesn’t cost a thing… SLEEP!

#1 Silk Eye Mask
Essential for grabbing every minute of shut eye they can at all hours of the day and night. I always love the SLIP! masks

#2 Food delivery voucher (or a home cooked meal)
If you don’t have time to make some meals and take them over, then a voucher to a meal delivery service that requires minimal cooking – more heat and eat – is always a great idea. We have been loving the meals from The Dinner Ladies

#3 A lovely Robe
You spend most of the time half-naked feeding when you’re in the newborn phase, so a lovely robe makes it easier to walk around the house without scaring your local postman or delivery people when they knock at the door! I love my Hill House robe but there are so many other beautiful ones like this from Piyama

#4 Facial Roller or Face and Eye Masks
I have already said how much I love my new Ice Face Roller it really helps to depuff in the morning after a long night of being awake. Other great options are some face and eye sheet masks. I love the James Cosmetics ones.

#5 Nail or Massage Voucher
A nail or massage voucher will be greatly appreciated – also as it gives Mum a little break from the baby!

#6 Cleaning Service Voucher
Another very helpful and practical idea is a voucher for a Cleaning Service or even you going over to help put some washing on, fold washing, vacuum etc.

#7 Gift of sleep!
But of course, the best gift is sleep – especially in the early days. Offer to spend 2-3 hrs there watching bub so Mum or Dad can go and get a few hours shut eye. Or if they have other kids, offer to take them out of the house for an hour or so to the local playground or park. They will be so grateful!


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